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We have fantastic clients that thought enough of us to write steller reviews about their experiences with us. Here is an unedited selection of what they had to say. Note: Many of these reviews were filtered out by Yelp due to user inactivity. To view these on Yelp, click on the "Filtered" link below our reviews.

Kelly E.

I owed several years worth of back taxes and was now in a position to take care of it, wanting to get that monkey off of my back once and for all, but not sure how to go about it. We've all seen those slimy commercials on television. No way was I going to trust some fly-by-night. I needed to make sure I was referred to someone reputable. Someone I felt was going to make a genuine effort on my behalf. Honestly, sometimes that's no easy task. That's why a GOOD referral to someone who is still accepting new clients is so important AND hard to find! Luckily, I was referred to Harvey Flam of Flam Financial last year by a dear friend whose opinion I value and trust.

What can I say about Harvey and Justin....

I was welcomed into the fold of this father and son team and given IMMEDIATE attention, small client that I was. I started with Harvey and was then passed on to Justin. Initially thinking I'd been passed off to another as small fish, I quickly learned that all are treated with equal import. Justin did a fabulous job. His attention to detail, thoroughness, and great patience in dealing with me, answering my extensive questions was greatly appreciated and did not escape my notice. Equally impressive were the extensive questions he asked me to be sure he had ALL the facts, to be sure all of my situation or circumstances be taken into account.

Early on, wondering why I wasn't talking to Harvey, Justin sensed what was going on and, without my asking, next thing I know I'm hearing from Harvey. It was then I understood how they worked and that both give you their undivided attention. The end result was to effectively slash my tax bill by approximately 50% if not more! I also hired them to do my 2009 State and Federal filings. Once again, 100% satisfied. I look forward to having them continue to handle all of my financial needs. I consider myself very lucky to have found Flam Financial. I would highly recommend their services to anyone who is looking for a trustworthy, efficient, tenacious, thorough CPA. If that's you, then you should call Flam Financial.

Amanda F.

Flam Financial Services LLC provides the ultimate in customer service! I felt that I could call at any time throughout the year with questions about my estimated taxes, my write-offs, etc. I really feel that the Flams care about their customers. Keep up the good work!

Andrew C.

Having only lived in the US for a few years, Flam Financial was recommended to me as a great tax preparation company in the Westlake area - exactly what I needed for my new business. Making sense out of the convoluted US tax system and applying it to my new business was help I much needed. Attempting to do it myself with Turbo Tax or using one of the cheap tax preparation services would have been a poor move for my business. Suffice to say that I'm impressed enough by their services - especially those of Justin Flam - that I've taken the time out to write this review. As always - thanks for the help and advice Justin.

Tina M.

I am completely STOKED by the services at Flam Financial! This was my 2nd year having my income taxes prepared by them, having had a tremendous outcome last year. I had no idea what I'd been missing by not having a professional prepare my returns. This year, I brought my daughter on board, after she'd been shammed by one of those commercial, national prepares. Not only did Harvey find that she didn't OWE money on her return, he found she was do a REFUND several hundred dollars over! We feel very well taken care of at Flam Financial. Harvey and Justin are highly knowledgeable, professional and personable. We will gladly trek up to Westlake Village from Long Beach in the years to come for this STELLAR service!

Barbara R.

For the past several years, it has been my choice to seek the advice, assistance, and exceptional services from Flam Financial here in Westlake Village, California. My husband and I first sought the advice and experience by consulting with owner Havey Flam. It has been Harvey's personal attention and creative problem solving that has resulted in a great improvement to our personal portfolio. His experience can't be substituted. His attention to detail in regard to our taxes has set our financial direction into a positive outlook.

As our relationship progressed, I became more impressed with Harvey and Justin to where I decided to use Flam Financial for my business and professional needs. As a full time Realtor for Keller Williams, I have totally let my financial business oversight in the hands of Justin Flam. His organizational skills, coupled with his detailed financial expertise has sent my business into great success and stability. My Real Estate business has now grown to a Real Estate team. The professional relationship I have developed both personally, and professionally with my business will continue to thrive with he assistance of Flam Financial. I would recommend to anyone who wants to establish a business relationship with people you can trust, to establish themselves with Flam Financial services.

Jeanine A.

Harvey has been an exceptional asset to my financial security for 7+ years. He has always made himself and office staff available for questions and suggestions. I was impressed last year to see that he actually had a new law marked with a post it in reference to my name for my 2009 tax preparation. I am confident without hesitation in referring my friends to Flam Financial.

Tina S.

Harvey is wonderful. I have been going to him for years now and he always does such a great job!

James K.

The first year Harvey prepared our taxes he saved us over $3000 and I have used him ever since. Last year we moved to northern Ca. and I still continue to have him prepare our taxes. Harvey also prepares taxes for my son and daughter and has become a good friend of our family. When we moved Harvey put us in touch with a top notch real-estate agent who sold our house quickly and the service was great. Harvey is a good man who goes that extra mile to help people and I would recommend Harvey and his son Justin for any financial services.

Suzan K.

Mr. Harvey Flam has saved us thousands of dollars in taxes with his expertise. This man REALLY knows what he is doing! He keeps up with all the changing tax laws and makes sure a person gets back ALL that they deserve to get. Taxes is not all he does. He is an EXCELENT counselor for finances and resourcefully in ALL matters of business. He cares about his clients more than any business man I have EVER met. He is a straight shooter and tells you like it REALLY is. He has assisted my family in MANY ways. He helped my son develop his own business and has ALWAYS had answers questions I never even thought ask. I am VERY impressed with his skills and would HIGHLEY recommend him to ANYONE looking for a concerned, caring, friendly, HIGHLY intellect man to help them get "their house in order" I truly believe I would have become bankrupt if it were not for him. He is creative, timely, and successful in all he does. A VERY grateful client to Harvey Flam.

Laura K.

Since my parents found Harvey and passed on their enthusiasm for his expertise, I have not had anyone else touch my taxes. I trust him implicitly. Thank you Harvey!

Zarina A.

Harvey has been our income tax preparer for years now and has never dissapointed us with our return. He is very straightforward, honest, and will really help his clients get the most they can while still abide the tax laws. We always enjoy the small talks and advices he gives us. We refer him to our colleagues and they were as happy as we are with his services.

Phillip G.

Fantastic accountants. Both Harvey and Justin are knowledgeable and service-oriented. They care about their clients and offer a variety of services include tax preparation, general accounting, payroll, etc.

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